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Your two biggest risks as a subcontractor or trade contractor

As a subcontractor or trade contractor, your two biggest risks are:​

  • the construction contract terms you agree to; and 

  • your builder’s solvency.

We understand that when you receive a construction contract for each new project, reading, considering and amending contracts can be an administrative headache for your and your business. So let our team relieve your pain.

How our construction contract review makes it easier for you?

As experienced construction lawyers, we know where to look and how to interpret construction contracts in the real life context of a construction project.

Our construction contract review covers the following:​

  • We identify the clauses that need to be amended. 

  • Subcontracts are often complicated and confusing. Frequently what may seem like a standard clause, can be extremely nasty.

  • We explain what the critical clauses mean and how to use them. 

  • Important clauses such as payment, can often be spread over at least 3-5 different clauses and schedules.  We put all the relevant information in one place and explain the process that you need to follow so that your payment claims comply with the terms of the contract and the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017. This means that even if the builder does not agree with all of the amendments, you are better able to protect yourself.

  • We check the builder. We carry out checks on the builder for you and provide a summary of the information collected.

Tailoring our construction contract review for your business needs

We can tailor our construction contract review to suit your needs. Ways we can tailor our review includes:

  • Part-review. For some projects, you may decide it may not be cost effective to have a complete construction contract review. For those projects, we offer reviews of specific high risk clauses.

  • Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 advice. Our advice provides all of the information to provide payment claims that are compliant with the Act and your construction contract.  This is included in a full review or can be carried out as part of a partial review. 

  • Colour coding of amendments. The colour coding ranks the amendments so that your negotiation team are aware of the amendments in order of priority.

Contact Us today for your obligation free quote to review your construction contracts for your trade contractor or subcontractor business.

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