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When a construction dispute occurs you need your legal team at the ready

When disputes occur on construction projects, have the confidence in our construction expertise and experience to deal with your construction dispute, construction adjudication or construction litigation matter.

Fast track construction dispute resolution

In Queensland, construction adjudication is a fast track alternative to the court system. Construction adjudication has been designed to help subcontractors and trade contractors like you get paid quickly.


To get paid fast, you need to act fast.  The time frames for construction adjudication are short and unforgiving.


As a result, it is extremely important that you notify us (your construction lawyers) as soon as you can if you receive a payment schedule disputing your payment claim.  If possible, the best time to engage our construction law services is before your payment claim (that is likely to be disputed) is issued so that we can make sure it complies with all of the statutory and contractual requirements.


Your construction adjudication application is your one chance to put your entire case forward. So let our construction law expertise and experience help you get it right and submitted on time.


You can have peace of mind that our construction law practice is skilled at working with security of payment technicalities, large qualities of documents and short time frames.  Due to our construction industry experience we can decode your industry specific terminology and methods of working and translate them all into plain English for the construction adjudicator.


At the end of the day, we want to help you get paid!

Our construction law practice is focussed on the best cost effective results

When you work with our construction law practice you will find we are always focussed on the best and most cost effective results for your business. 

Our team deals with construction dispute matters on a daily basis. A construction dispute may relate to:

Contact Us today for your obligation free quote to help you with your construction dispute.

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