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The power of having your own construction contract

The power of having your own construction contract is that you have the power to set your own terms to cover your risks.

We are experienced construction contract drafters and have written contracts for all parts of the industry. Our contracts have been successfully tested in adjudication.

What makes our construction contracts special?

As your construction lawyers, we take the time to listen to you and your business needs. All our construction contracts are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.

  • All construction contracts are written in plain English.

  • We are focussed on making the contract work with your systems and your business.

  • All construction contracts are e-contracts, with tab-able fields.

  • Our construction contracts are up to date with the latest law changes.

What kind of construction contracts do we draft?

  • Commercial construction contracts to be used by your subcontractor or trade contractor business with commercial building owners, builders and body corporates;

  • Maintenance contracts;

  • Urgent works and repair contracts;

  • Domestic building contracts;

  • Subcontracts for your own sub-trades;

  • Professional Services contracts; and

  • Supply contracts.

What kind of other construction documents do we draft?

Contact Us today for your obligation free quote for your construction contract drafting needs.

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