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What is adjudication in the building and construction industry?

Adjudication is one of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017’s power tools. It allows disputes to be determined at lightning speed in comparison to court proceedings and you can make an adjudication application yourself. So it is both quick and cost effective. 

But, often adjudication applications, especially those made without the help of a lawyer, are unsuccessful. In fact, in December 2018, 57% of the adjudication applications (source: QBCC Monthly Adjudication Statistics - December 2018, page 3) made for standard payment claims (those payment claims less than $750,000) were withdrawn because they were invalid, before the adjudicator was even appointed.

At Aitchison Reid, we understand that it’s just not cost-effective to hire a lawyer to chase all of your debts and disputes, but we also know how effective and powerful adjudication is in resolving disputes.

So we have come up with a solution that will help you use adjudication to improve your chance of getting paid, without having to go to the expense of hiring a lawyer.


The answer is a pack that takes you step by step through all the information that you need to provide as part of a valid adjudication application.

What is the Adjudication Application Pack from Aitchison Reid?

The Adjudication Application Pack is a six-part package, which includes:

  1. QBCC Adjudication Application Form

    This form needs to be completed and submitted with your adjudication application.

  2. Adjudication Application Submissions Template

    This template will assist you with setting out your entitlement to be awarded the amount you claimed in your payment claim.

  3. Statutory Declaration Template

    This template will assist you with proving your entitlement to the claimed amount.

  4. Annexure Sheet Template

    This template will assist you with annexing (attaching) documents to the Statutory

    Declaration/s that help in proving your entitlement to the claimed amount.

  5. Checklist

    This checklist will help to ensure you have done everything you need to do to finalise and submit your adjudication application.

  6. One hour review of your completed adjudication application

    This review is conducted by an Aitchison Reid construction lawyer to ensure your adjudication application is valid and adequately presents your entitlement to your payment claim amount.

Who should consider using the Pack?

The Pack is aimed at assisting subcontractors who have payments due to them in the range of $5,000- $50,000.​

How do you get started and has anyone been successful?


For just $1,474, you will be giving yourself the best chance of having your debt paid with the added benefit of not having to pay hefty lawyer fees.

So far our clients using the package have been 100% successful! Not only has the package helped them submit a valid application, but the legal advice has helped them organise their evidence so they can prove that they were entitled to payment.

For example, a client told us we've delivered him "..a great result with 100% of the claim, adjudication fee and lodgement fee awarded..". We shared about our client's win in May 2019, and have his testimonial here too.

Subbies and Tradies - Adjudiation Application Pack from Aitchison Reid - Call us on 07 3128 0120 or email us at -

"Thank you Aitchison Reid. What a great result with 100% of the claim, adjudication fee and lodgement fee awarded to me. Even without any experience in Construction Law, I achieved this result with the guidance of a Senior Associate from your firm and using your Adjudication Application Template I was able to prepare an application that met all the criteria required by the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017. You cannot ask for better than that."

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