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The subcontract with the head contract has a number of indemnities - What is the problem with indemn

Subbies and Tradies - The subcontract with the head contract has a number of indemnities, What is the problem with indemnities? - Call us on 07 3128 0120 or email at subcontractors@arbuildinglaw.com.au - www.subcontractors.arbuildinglaw.com.au

As a subbie or tradie, in large commercial subcontracts you are likely to find a number of indemnities.

Indemnities are when you assume all liability and “indemnify” the builder from losses, legal claims and damage.

It is understandable and even reasonable to expect that you should indemnify the builder for the work that you have carried out because if you construct defective work, you should be responsible to fix it or pay to fix it.

However, the issue with indemnities occurs when the indemnity goes beyond the work you have carried out or your actions.

Read the rest of the FAQ to find out more, search for "problem with indemnities" on our Subcontractor FAQ page.

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